About Us

  • Think Safety…
    Professionally Trained OQ Certified OSHA Compliant Uniformed Crews Provide Regulatory Pipeline Compliance

    Think Quality…
    Highly Mobile, New Equipment, Cutting Edge Technology, Day & Night Oversight

    Think Technology…
    Marine Grade Remote Camera with Internet Portal Access to Images, Gauges, & Readings
    7 Day DVR Loop Recording of GPS Longitude & Latitude with Date & Time Stamp

    Choose MDH Services

    MDH Services offers a host of operational integrity and risk assessment services throughout the life-cycle of pipeline and process facilities.

    Our highly experienced, well trained network of personnel utilize innovative state-of-theart technologies to meet most regulatory needs of the pipeline, process, industrial, and energy markets… safely and efficiently.

    MDH Services improve efficiency and reduce downtime with pre-commissioning and commissioning of new pipeline systems. Our expertise covers pipelines, flow lines, offshore oil and gas platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants, gas processing plants, LNG facilities, and power plants. We also offer turn-around maintenance services in those same industries.

    We provide many services – or packages of services – including installation, inspecting, cleaning, drying, testing, improving production, running and establishing integrity from the wellhead out. MDH Services field personnel are OQ certified and are members of ISNET World.