Turn Around Services

  • When your system needs repairs, call on MDH experts for pipeline decommissioning and repairs- including pipeline, natural gas evacuation, and nitrogen purging to safely prepare for repairs and re-commissioning your existing lines.

    MDH Services anomaly digs maintain live lines while verifying and repairing pipeline integrity of flow lines and pipelines up to 42 inch diameter.

    And always, before we put your line back into service, we will hydro-test it with our crew to ensure your pipeline integrity.

    MDH Services will clean, dry, test, and inspect to ensure your plant is ready to move product. We confirm system integrity and enhance efficiency by getting your system online safer, faster, and more cost-effectively than our competition.

    We are committed to personnel health and safety with reduced environmental impact.

    We have specialized state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel.

    Whether system pre-commissioning, commissioning, or turnaround maintenance and inspection of existing lines, our PPS group offers the right package of services to give your company a complete, engineered solution to reduce cost and meet your deadlines.