• Choose MDH pipeline pre-commissioning services for years of troublefree, certified operation of your lines. Our experienced crews will clean and dry your new pipelines – reducing erosion, improving efficiency, and maximizing your throughput.

    Choose MDH Services and our hydrostatic testing expertise to validate your line integrity allowing you to meet our regulatory obligations on schedule. Our crews are readily available and highly mobile.

    We will service and clean your pipelines in a timely and professional manner using mechanical, chemical, gel, and emerging technologies to meet your regulatory specifications. MDH crews know that drying is essential to prevent the formation of hydrates and give you the product purity you need in natural gas and petrochemical pipelines.

    We reduce drying time and mitigate future down time by using the most efficient and appropriate swabbing technology respective to your piping needs and we always strive to purge explosive risks before and after regulatory maintenance.